Pregnancy And Nutrition

For many women, pregnancy is one of the most beautiful period of life. During this time, a lot of important aspects of life play an important role in women’s body such as nutrition, hormonal body change and more.
Pregnancy is a critical period not only for the fetus development, but also for the pregnant mother. Studies have shown that if nutritional requirements aren’t met during this time, especially in the third trimester, the outcome on child’s brain and health development due to nutritional deficiencies may be irreversible in some cases. Nora’s major focus during her Masters thesis was trying to understand the impact of maternal nutritional deficiencies on a child’s behaviour and auditory functions.

Many women are not aware of the impact of proper nutrition during this critical period of time. Therefore, SNC will provide all necessary food and nutrition advice and information to help pregnant women meet their nutritional and health requirements, but especially, to help prevent any irreversible outcome on the fetus development including your own health.

SNC provides individual and support group consultations to help pregnant women or planning to have a newborn by providing nutritional pregnancy guidelines and in turn, help prevent maternal depression. Remember, our children are our Future! Fuel Your Pregnancy Right and Enjoy every moment of it!