Dietitian of SNC

Nora Shero is a Registered Dietitian (RD) and a member of l’Ordre Professionel des Diététistes du Québec (OPDQ).

Nora always had a passion for healthy eating and a better lifestyle. In her first undergraduate studies in psychology, she was working as a Specialized Educator for a mental health clientele. After completing her BA in psychology at the Université de Montréal, her interest in nutrition became more evident when she noticed that some of her clients were suffering from eating disorders leading her to continue her academic studies in nutrition. During her nutritional studies, her interest for mindful eating helped people enjoy food peacefully. Despite her interest in eating disorders, Nora also developed a significant passion for clinical and sports nutrition. Nora’s appreciation for the variety of cultural meals worldwide has bestowed on her great knowledge about the significant impact of nutrition and dietetics in a lifestyle. As a motivated and passionate RD, Nora finds joy in helping people setup and achieve their optimal nutritional goal and health in a reasonable, efficient approach and helping improve their quality of life.

After completing her undergraduate studies in nutritional sciences at the University of Ottawa, Nora started conducting nutritional research during her Masters in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. The aim of the projects was focused on nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy and its impact on the offspring’s behaviour and auditory functions, making Nora’s interest more evident towards nutrition and pregnancy. Nora is currently working on her PhD in Dietetics and Human nutrition at McGill University focusing on infant vitamin D. 

Nora is currently a Teaching Assistant at McGill University and was also teaching Sports Nutrition to students at the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences located in Toronto, ON. The remarkable education and teaching experience help her provide better assistance in her current work field. 

During her graduate studies, Nora founded Shero NutriClinic, a private nutritional and dietetic practice with an emphasis on eating disorders, weight management and pregnancy but not limited to any other nutritional and diet related health conditions. SNC is located in Montreal, QC with services offered through out the Greater Montreal area. SNC provides primary in-home services with respect to her areas of practice followed by online nutritional counselling and phone consultations across Canada and Worldwide. Nora also offers grocery store tours to help clients make better food choices from the items available. She then helps with meal preparation and plans to all clients in need. Finally, Nora offers individual and group support in relation to healthy eating, eating disorders or disordered eating and pregnancy.

Nora also worked as a Dietitian at Womens Fitness Clubs of Canada in Pickering, ON. She enjoys working with women and provides nutritional education and counselling for mainly weight loss management but not limited to other health conditions related to food and nutrition. Nora constantly works with personal trainers to help optimize better results for her clients. Her efficient and positive collaboration in a multidisciplinary team makes the world of nutrition and physical activity not only complementary, but keeps it also balanced.

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