About SNC

Shero NutriClinic (SNC) is a private nutritional and dietetic practice founded by Nora Shero, RD. Work, schedule, timing and other factors may limit some people from consulting a Dietitian or other health professionals to help meet nutritional and health goals. In the long term, this will not only have a higher risk on people’s health, but also on their quality of life. The goal isn’t only limited to living longer, but keeps in perspective the best and right conditions for a better lifestyle.

Next, medical doctors and other health professionals may  not have sufficient time and the right nutritional and food advice and information in order to provide to their own patients in need, making it important to collaborate in a multidisciplinary team by asking help from a Registered Dietitian. Studies have showed that the efficient time consumed by Dietitians to help patients with nutritional education and/or counselling regarding their health condition and eating habits help physicians and other health professionals save time and increase productivity during work-time. Therefore, SNC provides in-home nutritional and dietetic services followed by Online-Skype and phone consultations. One on one support  consultations and private support groups are also available for eating disorders and pregnancy cases. Clients are free to choose the preferred method of treatment sessions except for the initial consultation that must be discussed via phone. 

SNC believes everyone has the right to enjoy their food with pleasure and in a moderate and balanced way for a better lifestyle. Motivation, support and guidance by the right experts through the entire process are the keys for optimal health results. SNC will provide all necessary support and resources to help meet nutritional and health goals.

SNC promises to treat every client in a valuable, sustainable and efficient approach by providing individualized care, based on science and effective proven results, to help meet their optimal nutritional and wellness goals. SNC is constantly reviewing the latest articles and research in order to provide evidence-based recommendations.