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Orthorexia for a healthy lifestyle?

Orthorexia is a common eating disorder which is characterized by a fixation or desire to eat ‘ONLY’ healthy food or avoiding an entire food group (1). Now, some may wonder what is the problem with eating healthy food? Actually, the problem goes above eating only healthy food to jeopardizing personal relationships and other dimensions of life.

It is also important to distinguish between healthy eating and orthorexia. People who usually have a healthy eating habit will not be obsessed over food and meal preparation during their entire day, whereas people living with orthorexia will and will also isolated themselves as they think that others do not have a healthy eating habit.

Another important fact about orthorexia is that by limiting certain food groups, you can have a higher risk of suffering from nutritional deficiencies which in turn, can have a negative impact on your overall health. In fact, you do not have to eliminate certain food groups for weight loss or a better lifestyle. However, it is still recommended to choose an overall nutritious food over food with less better quality, although you can still sometimes enjoy your favorite ‘sweets’ or ‘cheat meal’ by not feeling guilty or ashamed afterwards.

If you feel that your eating habits to ONLY eat healthy food occupy your entire thoughts and environment, contact your SNC’s Registered Dietitian to help you develop appropriate coping mechanisms against Orthorexia for a better lifestyle. Again, you are not alone! -SNC-




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Interdisciplinary sciences for better health!

In today’s research and clinical practice, it is very well known that the combination of different disciplines by health practitioners helps optimize better patients’ health results. However, many health professionals will still try to improve their clients’ health condition with respect to their area of practice. Indeed, disciplinary sciences are still very common in private practices characterizing one type of service such as psychology, nutrition, kinesiology, audiology and many other health fields.

Interdisciplinary sciences involve the combination of two or more academic disciplines into one activity (1). In other words, the combination of several disciplines will cross the boundaries of what one health professional mainly knows about their own field. Hence, the variety of different tools and information will better help understand client’s health condition. For example, a child struggling with obesity may need; a dietitian to help improve eating habits, a personal trainer for a specific work out plan, and maybe a psychologist to help resolve interpersonal problems in schools. All those different disciplines will help optimize better results and also enrich the quality of life for those in need.

It may be challenging trying to solve some clients’ health condition if we only focus on one area of practice. A client struggeling with their excessive body weight may consult a personal trainer trying to follow an exercise program with the aim of losing weight. However, the goals may be more difficult to achieve if the personal trainer does not realize the external factors (nutrition, interpersonal relationships, work, family, environment) preventing that person from losing weight. 

In fact, referrals by other health professionals must be encouraged to help improve clients’ health condition and quality of life. Furthermore, policymakers should also encourage prevention over intervention between health professionals to improve people’s health condition which in turn, will reduce the risk of numerous chronic conditions such as obesity, cancers, diabetes, heart disorders, osteoporosis and many other health conditions.

It is very important to describe in clarity your health situation to your health professional or advisor, including everything you have tried to achieve your goals. Also, do not hesitate to ask for another health professional’s opinion to better understand the root of your problem. Hence, if you are hesitating between different health practitioners, privilege a team that collaborates and works together for a better lifestyle.



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