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When Cooking becomes more Fun!

Cooking can be challenging for big families and even for a single parent living with one child. Hence, not all family members have similar food preferences. Furthermore, some may even change their preferred food choice as time elapses. The person in charge of cooking at home may find it overwhelming, especially if some of the children refuse to eat the family dish.

It is also very common to see many parents giving up after trying to force their child to eat their homemade dishes. In turn, this leads many to order outdoor foods elevated in sugar and fat to please their child which is not always the best option. In Canada, one in three children are suffering from being overweight and obese which is linked to diabetes and other health related nutrition conditions (1).

Now many are wondering how to encourage their children on privileging homemade meals instead of outdoor foods. One of the simplest strategies is to involve children in the kitchen by providing them different tasks. Moreover, it is very important to ask them about their preferred food choices and also according to the day of cooking. By showing children on how to prepare and cook certain meals, this also strengthens the bond and relationship between the parent and child. As mentioned previously, your child may like a specific food today, but their preference may be different another day.

Being that efficient role model as a parent by promoting healthy eating to the entire family increases the chances of your child to develop similar eating habits when entering adulthood. In relation, healthy eating habits optimize a better healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, the kitchen may look more beautiful and enjoyable by involving children at a younger age to help prepare homemade dishes. Meanwhile, appreciate your food with pleasure by keeping a healthy balanced lifestyle with your entire family! -SNC-



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