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Summer time activities keep love!

Many families are wondering what to do with their children during school breaks especially during Summer. Some parents may already have planned trips to travel overseas, whereas others may find it more challenging since they will be spending most of their time with the children at home. Hence, parents question themselves on what to do with their family to enjoy the Summer breaks.

Today, it is very common to see children spending many hours on video games and eating junk food which in turn is linked to obesity and diabetes (1,2,3). Adults with obesity may have more difficulty losing weight if they were also suffering from childhood obesity compared to adults who just gained weight recently (4). Therefore, it is very important to take into consideration those modifiable risk factors during younger age to help prevent those negative health outcomes in your child’s health.

Firstly, it is very important to enjoy your time with your children outside in the sun. One good idea is to do fruit picking such as apples, strawberries or blueberries. Not only are you bringing nutritious food at home, but you are also being an efficient role model when it comes to provide healthy eating advices to your child. Children tend to consume more fruits and vegetables from parents promoting healthy eating habits versus parents not emphasizing on healthy eating habits at early stage (5). 

Spending time outside in the sun also helps provide some vitamin D which is critical for your child’s growth and bone density. Furthermore, low vitamin D levels  are linked to chronic diseases such as certain cancers, autoimmune diseases, type 2 Diabetes and osteoporosis (6). Hence, doing some nutrition activities in the sun will help benefit both of you and your child’s health for a better outcome.

Many families also enjoy doing barbecue near their pool or even public pools. Involving your children at early age in the kitchen will help strengthen parent-child bond and also encourage them preparing home made food instead of buying food elevated in fat and/or sugar.

Since the school breaks are approaching, why not establish a list of outdoor nutrition activities with your children to enjoy your summer at the fullest and make it also memorable for them!



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