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When Chocolate can become a Trigger!

Not only does chocolate taste good, but it is also consumed on special occasions! Chocolate or ‘cacao’ is one of the most richest food elevated in ‘flavonoids’ from other antioxydant substances which are beneficial for heart diseases, hypertension and even cognitive functions (1,2).

Despite the variety of chocolate around the world, dark chocolate has the highest content of flavonoids (3). In contrast, milk chocolate has a smaller content of flavonoids and is richer in cocoa butter, whereas white chocolate is only composed of cocoa butter.

Results have shown beneficial side effects from a moderate chocolate consumption in heart failures on Swedish men, but no effect from more than one consumption a day (4). On the other hand, a higher consumption of flavonoids can lead to acne problem compared to other sweets with no flavonoids seen in adolescents (5). Another study showed that obese adults are more sensitive by high-calorie foods such as chocolate compared to healthier foods available with little effect on their behavior (6).

Nowadays, chocolate is also categorized as a comfort food, especially due to stress or negative emotions. In the long term, chocolate can become a trigger for some people making it more difficult to develop healthier eating habits.

Contact your SNC’s Registered Dietitian in Montreal and learn how to develop Mindful Eating strategies for healthier eating habits. Remember to eat your chocolate with pleasure and in moderation for a better lifestyle! -SNC-



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