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The benefits of Warm-Season and buying local Food!

In Canada and some parts of the US, the Winter season can be a hassle for some people. Hence, many people prefer to stay home warm due to the cold weather. Nothing wrong with that! However, staying home for some during this cold period may be very stressful and making them gain weight up to 10 pounds, especially during the holidays (1)!

Here is the good news: Take the advantage of the warm-season to buy local food for a better lifestyle! Firstly, it will allow you to break the isolation of being home and in turn, benefit you to go outside on a warm weather. Secondly, buying local food near your home can also be another distraction to reduce food cravings while you are home. 

Another benefit of buying local food is that they are much fresher and tastier than many foods found in grocery stores (2). This will save you a lot of money, support local farmers and even preserve local farms!

Since the warm-seasons are getting closer, why not break the isolation of being at home and getting outside to choose local food. Remember, eating healthy is a combination of being happy and appreciating every meal with pleasure!



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