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Coffee and health benefits!

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverage around the world, especially among American adults (1). Around 70 countries produce coffee making Brazil and Colombia the biggest producers worldwide (2). Canadians drink more than 15 billion of coffee cups annually (2).

Not only that coffee tastes good and stimulates us in the morning, it is also rich in antioxidant such as ‘phenolic compound’ that helps prevent chronic diseases such as cancers, liver conditions and heart diseases. Although results can be conflicting for heart diseases, the American Heart Association mentions that moderate coffee drinking (1-2 cups daily) does not seem to be harmful (3). Coffee also seems to have a positive effect on normalizing blood sugar levels in people living with Diabetes (2). Results have shown that more than 6 cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by about 35% compared to less than to 2 cups daily.

But be careful here! Coffee has to be taken in moderation despite the beneficial effects in our body. More precisely, it is recommended not to exceed more than 450 mg daily which is equivalent to 3-4 cups and which Health Canada also considers a safe amount for daily consumption. Excessive coffee intake can increase the risk of hypertension, irritability, nervousness, hyperactivity and lead to dehydration (2,3,4).

Results also showed that 67,5% of Americans consume coffee with caloric adds-in such as sugar, milk and cream that can also increase our daily energy intake and in turn, weight gain.

On the other hand, coffee can be an excellent booster on sport performance for athletic people since it reduces fatigue and increases endurance (2).

There are many varieties of coffee around the world and each will bring its own unique taste! Coffee in moderation is good for a healthy living! –SNC-



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The benefits of Warm-Season and buying local Food!

In Canada and some parts of the US, the Winter season can be a hassle for some people. Hence, many people prefer to stay home warm due to the cold weather. Nothing wrong with that! However, staying home for some during this cold period may be very stressful and making them gain weight up to 10 pounds, especially during the holidays (1)!

Here is the good news: Take the advantage of the warm-season to buy local food for a better lifestyle! Firstly, it will allow you to break the isolation of being home and in turn, benefit you to go outside on a warm weather. Secondly, buying local food near your home can also be another distraction to reduce food cravings while you are home. 

Another benefit of buying local food is that they are much fresher and tastier than many foods found in grocery stores (2). This will save you a lot of money, support local farmers and even preserve local farms!

Since the warm-seasons are getting closer, why not break the isolation of being at home and getting outside to choose local food. Remember, eating healthy is a combination of being happy and appreciating every meal with pleasure!



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Newcomers and Dietary acculturation

Upon arrival to Western Countries such as Canada or the United States, most newcomers are usually in good health or have fewer health problems, but do not always keep the same ‘shape’ as time elapses (1). In fact, entering a new country reflects a new lifestyle change, especially when it comes to food and nutrition since it can be very different from their native country.

Many newcomers get stressed when they arrive to a new Western nation. Some even leave many family members behind which in turn, reduces their social support.

Western countries also have a different food environment compared to many other countries. In Canada, people usually have access to many food chain restaurants and junk food that may be unhealthy for some newcomers (2). In the long term, newcomers will have to adapt their eating habits with the new food environment of the host country also known as ‘Dietary acculturation’. Many newcomers also do not speak the language of the host country. Indeed, there is a language barrier limiting some from understanding and accessing health care services.

In some cases, it does not always have a positive impact on newcomers’ health leading them to develop obesity and certain chronic illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, certain cancers and other health conditions.

Today, policy makers still need to improve and implement new health care strategies to help newcomers including many other Canadians to reduce the risk illness. This is when it becomes important to seek for health professionals and get the right nutritional advice and information to help improve your overall health and prevent health complications. In the long term, the increased cases of chronic conditions will increase the cost of our health care system.

Contact your SNC’s Registered Dietitian today and learn how to adapt to the new Western diet by keeping your native eating habits and enjoy every meal with pleasure.



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