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Female Athlete Triad and Diets

When it comes to the world of Sports Nutrition, there is no magical diet or special workout that will help an athlete perform at an optimal level. An adequate and balanced diet is required to enhance athletes performance. Moreover, every diet must be individualized according to every athlete’s needs and to help meet all energy requirements.

It is also very common to see female athletes struggling with their eating habits while performing before, during and/or after their workouts. Some are even disturbed with their body image leading them to develop eating disorders or disordered eating due to a restricted diet and in turn, disrupting their quality of life.

In the long term, a restricted diet will reduce the energy availability that is required to enhance an athletic performance during workouts (1). This energy availability results in a disturbed/negative energy balance. In female athletes, that can also leads to the development of the ‘female athlete triad’, which includes health complications such as disturbed eating patterns as mentioned above, menstrual disorders and low bone mineral density (2).

To help reduce the problems that arise from of an inappropriate diet, contact your SNC’s Registered Dietitian today to help optimize better results when it comes to the World of Sports Nutrition and improve your quality of life!



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