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Child’s Obesity leading to an Impact on our Future Economy!

In the past forty years, obesity rates have been tremendously increased worldwide affecting many lives. In 2011, results have shown that one in three American adults (34%) including children (15-20%), in all groups, is considered overweight or obese, regardless the rate is still increasing today (1). Obesity has become the new epidemic sweeping across North America.

Obesity and overweight including lack of physical activity are all linked to a higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes (2). Today, it is very common to see adults living with Type 2 diabetes including children.

The elevated amount of time spent on video games and excessive consumption of junk food are the two most important modifiable factors contributing towards our children becoming overweight/obese and in turn, develop a higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes (3). In the long term, obesity will not only have a higher risk of developing Diabetes, but also other chronic health conditions such as heart diseases, certain cancers and other health problems. From a psychological view, children suffering from obesity or overweight tend to have very low self-esteem and confidence compared to healthy body weight pairs (4). Some are even being bullied in schools and stigmatized by classmates and other surroundings due to their body weight. This social impact will in turn, lead them to become more isolated, increasing their chance of developing eating disorders or disordered eating hence impairing their quality of life.

Our future economy is based on our children’s health and environment. If we do not take action today to help improve our children’s health by preventing this outcome, not only our economy, but our overall future generations may be suffering from many irreversible illnesses that even health systems will not be able to afford.

Contact your SNC’s Registered Dietitian today and let your child get the help they need not only to setup nutritional and wellness goals for a lasting lifestyle change, but enjoy their growth in a happy and memorable way. Remember, our Children are our Future! -SNC-



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