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Dietary Protein supplementation and Workouts!

If you visit any gym, you will notice that many young and adult men are consuming protein shakes during their workout with the hope of increasing their muscle mass. However, the adverse effects of protein supplementation on human body may be irreversible in some cases.

First, it is very important to understand that an average healthy person tends to consume adequate amounts of protein by diet (1). For an athletic person, the recommended protein intake increases due to higher energy needs and also to strengthen and improve muscle tissue. This extra amount of protein can be consumed with small snacks elevated in protein such as nuts and seeds, half a chicken sandwich and other healthy choices to help meet nutritional requirements and overcome the outcomes of excessive protein intake such as Whey protein shakes that have a very high protein content.

Many men are preoccupied with their body image and social roles (2). However, the impact of excessive protein intake on their body is not well known by some people. A sharp increase of dietary protein intake has a higher risk of causing: Muscle Dysmorphic Disorder (Preoccupation with not being sufficient muscular or lean-‘Reverse anorexia’), kidney dysfunctions, changes in cholesterol profile, abnormal heart beat, early weight gain/obesity and more (2,3,4,5).

On the other hand, dietary protein supplementation may be beneficial in certain cases where the subject was diagnosed with Cancer and also the elderly population to help increase energy intake and meet nutritional requirements and improve wound healing cases (6,7,8).

Therefore, it is very important to consult your Dietitian to set up your nutritional and health goals regarding sports nutrition and help optimize better results, especially limiting excess protein intake side effects.



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