Nutrition is Life and Life is Nutrition!

Are you suffering from an Eating disorder or disordered eating? Have you ever felt ashamed, guilty or hopeless after consuming your meals? If yes, you are at the right page! Work with SNC’s Registered Dietitian today who also has a background in Psychology to receive mindful eating strategies including the appropriate coping mechanisms regarding eating patterns! Remember, your body is your best friend and you are its Master!

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“My time with Nora was short lived since she moved back to Montreal to continue with her PhD studies but I’m very blessed for the time we did have together. 
She was very attentive to my needs and even addressed issues that I didn’t realize were the root cause of my bad eating habits. For this I am grateful. She never made me feel insecure about opening up my life and even though I may have fallen off the track numerous times, she always reminded me of how difficult this process may be but to never give up and take it day by day. 
If you need someone who seriously cares about your health, give Nora a call. You’d be glad you did!! 
She gave me the right copping mechanisms and meal plans to aid in my success!”